To The Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

WHEREAS, the Tarion Warranty Corporation is established by the Ontario government for the protection of all new home and condominium buyers,

WHEREAS, Tarion is funded by provincially-mandated fees ultimately paid by new home buyers,  

WHEREAS, Tarion is nonetheless controlled by the builders it is supposed to regulate, and not by the new home buyers it is supposed to protect,

WHEREAS, Tarion thus has an incentive to deny consumer claims against builders, and fight consumers at the Licence Appeal Tribunal and other Ontario courts,

And WHEREAS, Tarion is not subject to any meaningful public oversight,

THEREFORE WE the undersigned support MPP Jagmeet Singh’s Private Member Bill 60, the Tarion Accountability and Oversight Act to bring Tarion under the oversight of the Ontario Ombudsman and the Auditor-General, and

THAT the government table a government bill to enact the proposed changes outlined in Bill 60 to transform Tarion into a publicly-accountable consumer protection agency consumer protection agency that Ontario’s new home buyers need, demand and deserve.

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