Jagmeet's Motion on Temp Agency Work Passes

MPP Jagmeet Singh’s Private Member’s Motion calling on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to commit to greater protections for temporary job agency workers, was presented to the house for debate on Thursday, April 13th 2017. 

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Standing Up For Free Speech

MPP Singh stood in the legislature on Monday to speak out against the anti-BDS motion aimed at condemning the BDS movement across Ontario. 

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Jagmeet Speaks on Trump

MPP Singh stood in the legislature urging the federal government to seriously consider substantial electoral reform. 

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Fight for Fair Insurance Continues

ONDP Stands with Temp Job Agency Workers

MPP Singh stood with ONDP leader Andrea Horwath, to announce the New Democrat's plan to protect temporary workers in Ontario.


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MPP Singh's Statement on Urbancorp

Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases most people will buy in their lifetime. Ontarians work hard to save enough money, sometimes investing their entire life savings into purchasing a house in the province.


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Ontario Liberals Vote Down 1984 Sikh Genocide Motion

Jagmeet Demands Release of SIU Report

During Question Period on Wednesday April 20th, MPP Singh demanded that the Premier release the Special Investigations Unit's (SIU) Report on the killing of Andrew loku by Toronto Police. 

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Jagmeet Blasts Liberals on Broken Promises

On Monday,  Government & Consumer Services critic Jagmeet Singh (MPP Bramalea-Gore-Malton) blasted the Liberal government for breaking a 2013 promise to both the NDP and the people of Ontario to decrease auto insurance rates by 15%. 


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MPP Singh Responds to Premier's Trip to India

In response to the recent trips trade mission trips to India for both Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne, and Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown, Jagmeet penned an Op-Ed published in the Huffington Post - taking aim at the motives behind both leader's trips.


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