ONDP Stands with Temp Job Agency Workers

MPP Singh stood with ONDP leader Andrea Horwath, to announce the New Democrat's plan to protect temporary workers in Ontario.


Alongside Neethan Shan, ONDP candidate in the upcoming Scarborough-Rouge River By-Election, MPP Singh made it clear that New Democrats believe temporary workers in Ontario deserve equal pay for equal work from their permanent counter-parts.

"This issue has come up numerous times in my riding. It's an issue that effects racialized people and women particularly, disproportionally."

"The Wynne government has known about this issue, about the exploitation of temporary workers but has done nothing about it."

The announcement would ensure that if you're a temporary worker, you get the same pay and benefits as the person beside you, doing the same job. 

MPP Singh plans to introduce the "Fair Day's Pay Motion" on behalf of the ONDP when the House resumes sitting in the fall.      


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