MPP Singh raises concerns surrounding "Carding"


MPP Singh stood in the legislature on May 26th to bring attention to an increasingly controversial police procedure known as "Carding". Carding is a common practice by police by which citizens are stopped and have their personal information recorded and stored despite no reasonable suspicion of a crime being committed. Carding has raised concerns of civil rights groups across the country, as the practice of carding disproportionally impacts racialized minorities.

In his statement to the Legislature, Singh made it clear that the practice of carding goes against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and that the Provincial Legislature must take action to end the practice amongst all police forces. 

“I myself have experienced carding. I have been stopped numerous times. I assure you I was not doing anything wrong whatsoever. I was stopped while I was riding my bike. I was stopped while walking down the street. It is a practice that the Canadian Civil Liberties Association has denounced, demanding its end.” Said Singh.

 I stand here today in the House calling on this government to put forward a provincial policy on this practice—to end this practice. This is a violation not only of our human rights, our charter rights, but our fundamental freedoms.

It’s something that must be ended.” (Hansard, 2015)



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