Jagmeet's Motion on Temp Agency Work Passes

MPP Jagmeet Singh’s Private Member’s Motion calling on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to commit to greater protections for temporary job agency workers, was presented to the house for debate on Thursday, April 13th 2017. 

“Far too many workers in Ontario are unable to find good quality, permanent employment and many end up in precarious work through temporary job agencies,” said Singh. “We must commit to protecting workers employed through these agencies, and ensure that they are receiving equal pay for equal work.” 

In Ontario, approximately 22% of jobs are characterized as precarious, with racialized workers experiencing disproportionality higher rates of precarious and temporary employment. Over 700,000 workers in Ontario find work through temporary job agencies, leaving many families vulnerable to predatory practices by temp agencies, including the clawing back of salaries by up to 50%.

MPP Singh’s motion calls on the government to commit to ensuring that workers employed through a temporary job agency receive the same wages, benefits and working conditions as their permanent, full-time counterparts, while also calling for reduced barriers to permanent employment for workers employed through temporary job agencies.

 "This motion is an important step toward building a more fair economy for all workers in our province.” said Singh. “Precarious work is not a reality that Canadians should have to accept, and we look forward to the Legislature unanimously committing to these protections."

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