MPP Singh Concludes Trip to France

Jagmeet was chosen to fill in for the Head of the American Region for a three day conference in Clermont Ferrard, France. 


The Conference was hosted by an international, inter-parliamentary organization aimed at promoting positive relations between French speaking countries advancing the principles of democracy and human rights. 

“As a delegate from Ontario and filling in for the Head of the American Region, I presented a report to all the assembled members which outlined initiatives the American Region has taken over the past year” explained Singh.

The conference covered a wide array of topics including women's issues, human rights, poverty and international relations.

“ It's been an amazing experience learning how an organization can both promote a language and principles of social justice internationally. During the last three days I was able to use the opportunity to share with other Parliamentarians a little knowledge about South Asian culture and the Sikh faith.”

Members of this organization include elected members of parliament either provincial or federal from around the world.

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